Top Googled Games in Each State of India for 2014

From Barbie, to Battleship, to basic card games, Indians were busy searching for new games throughout 2014. Whether you were splurging on some fun for yourself or you were searching for the perfect gift, odds are you did some game Googling of your own.

So, how do your interests stack up against Indians near and far?

That’s what we set out to find out!

Specifically, we analyzed two things — Google Search Volume and Google Trends. Like the name suggests, Google Search Volume is the number of searches that take place for a specific term over a specific time period. Since we wanted to see which games Indians were most interested in throughout 2014, we focused on year-long search volumes.
Google Trends can narrow down search volume for a particular area. Specifically, it tells you how often a certain term is Googled — and how that number compares to other terms in the same region. Thanks to Google Trends, we were able to see which games were most popular in the different Indian states.

The end result? The infographic you see below!

Top Googled Games 2014

As you can see, the interests vary widely from state to state. For example, up north, Indians were more interested in getting away from their television screens and having more active fun — like in Delhi, where bikes were most popular, in Uttarakhand, where badminton was the local favorite, and in Himachal Pradesh, where cricket games were the most popular search topic.

Mother Nature also seems to have played a role in the results. For example, in Goa — where the temperatures are relatively mild all year long — gamers were most interested in football. But in Madhya Pradesh — where the summers are scorching and the winters are frigid — people were most interested in staying inside and playing a game of pool.

Of course, good ol’ fashioned marketing played a role in the results, too. You’ll notice a number of familiar faces — like Barbie, Spiderman, Superman, and Mario — covering our infographic. It’s proof that big names can turn into big business for game-makers!

How do your interests measure up against your neighbors’? Are you surprised by any of the results? Will these results affect your decision the next time you need to buy a present for your favorite gamer?

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