Online Shopping in India: A Brief Analysis [Infographic]

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Online Shopping essentially comprises of all the fundamental components of a typical shopping process, i.e. browsing/selecting, ordering, payment and delivery. The elementary sequence may differ based on the nature of transaction devised by the merchant or vendor. Nonetheless, internet has become a major and phenomenal marketplace that facilitates numerous types of transaction between parties such as a buyer and a seller.

The scenario of online shopping in India has of late shown some mind-boggling results. The urban India is no longer confined to the conventional norms of physical shopping which requires a painstaking physical presence at all times.

Presenting before you is an infographic with easy to understand facts & figures on the online shopping trends in India. You can also find the text format of the data at the end of this post for your reference.


Trends & Facts

Reportedly, the average Indian consumer residing in cities now prefer the comfort of sitting in front of a computer screen while shopping, rather than physically visiting each and every retail outlet. Some of the indications obtained from the market pattern in recent years show the following:

  • More than 8 out of 10 Indian online consumers are shifting towards online shopping in the next one year.
  • More than a quarter of the online shopping crowd spend north of 11% of their monthly expenditure on online purchases.
  • 71% of the regular Indian online consumer make a purchase based on recommendations from family; 64% from friends and 29% lay their trust on online product reviews.
  • Half of the consumer folks rely on social media to aid them in the decision making process.
  • More than four in ten Indians share or post a review on any negative product/service experience online.
  • 36% prefer websites which allow them to select products from different stores.


Online reviews/opinions have become a significant factor for the Indian consumer crowd. In the next promising six months, 41% of the Indian online consumers will buy books, 40% will book tickets and 36% will buy gadgets and likes. Quite evidently, the online market in India is growing at a rapid rate and hence the future looks optimistic.

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