List of Various Items with their Rock Bottom Prices

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Here is my list of rock-bottom prices in our area (North Georgia). This list represents the MOST I would pay for a particular item. This is a great guide to help you as you get started couponing and to know when to stock up on items. These prices are AFTER coupons.


Bananas .33-.38/lb
Grapes .99-$1.38
Peaches under $1/lb
Plums under $1/lb
Strawberries $1.50
Watermelon $2.00
Apples < $1/lb Baby Carrots .99 Meat

Chicken (BL/SL) $1.99/lb
Split Chicken Breast .99/lb
Whole Chicken .89/lb
Pork chops $1.99/lb
Pork Roast $1.99/lb
Pork Tenderloin $1.99/lb
Ground Beef $1.99/lb
Steak $4.99/lb
Beef Roast $1.99/lb
Bacon $1.50
Lunchmeat <$1.50 Dairy

Milk <$2.50 Cheese <$1.50 Eggs .88-$1.19 Butter $1.20 Sour Cream free-.50 Cream Cheese <$1.00 Biscuits free-.25 Cookie Dough free-$1 Breads

Whole-grain bread <$1.50 White bread .50-$1.00 Bagels < $1.50 Tortillas $1.20 Hamburger Buns .99 Hot dog buns .99 Baking

Cake Mix free-.50
Pancake Mix .75
Brownies .40-.75 Jello/pudding .35
Sugar <$1.50 Flour <$1.50 Nuts (bagged) <$3.99 Frosting <$1.00 Canned Items

Soups .33-.60
Boxed Soups free-.15
Broth .50
Canned fruit .50-$1.00
Canned veggies .40-.60
Canned tomatoes free-.40
Canned beans <.50 Applesauce .99-$1.25 Cereals/Breakfast

Cereal .99-$1.25
Oatmeal free-$1.00
Granola Bars .50- $1.25
Coffee $1.99-$3.99
Tea bags .80


Frozen veggies free-.88
Frozen pizza $3.99
Ice cream <$2.50 French fries $2.00 Chicken nuggets $2.00 Frozen dinners $1.50 Cool Whip .75 Frozen pies $2.50 Jars/Bottles/Boxes Boxed potatoes .35 Egg noodles free-.25 Hamburger helper .75 Mac and cheese free-.50 Pasta .07-.25 Rice free-.50 Salad dressing .60 Soup .33-.60 Spaghetti Sauce .50-$1.00 Snacks

Cookies <$1 Crackers $1-$1.50 Nuts (can) .75 Popcorn .60 Juice .80-$1 Soft drinks $2.25 HOUSEHOLD

Bleach .50
Laundry Detergent free-$3
Dryer Sheets $2.00
Glass Cleaner <.50 All-purpose cleaner free-.50 Toilet cleaner .50 Dish soap free-.60 Dishwasher det. < $1 Paper Goods/ Plastics/Wraps

Ziploc bags .50-.90
Foil .75
Trash bags < $4.00 Paper towels (12 rolls) $3.99 Toilet Paper (12 rolls) $3.99 PERSONAL CARE

I am not really making a buy list for these, as I get most of these at drugstores for super cheap or free. Generally speaking, you want to keep your personal care items as close to free as possible. I will say that I do not ever pay over $5 a pack for diapers, and usually MUCH less.


These are the things I only get for free- I try to never actually pay money for these!

Body wash (except Bath and Body Works)
Light bulbs
Pain relievers
Air fresheners
Most shampoo
Shaving cream
Hand soap

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