Has Been Musical album by William Shatner

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Has Been (2004) is William Shatner’s second musical album after 1968’s The Transformed Man.

The album was produced and arranged by Ben Folds and most of the songs are co-written by Folds and Shatner, with Folds creating arrangements for Shatner’s prose-poems, and features guest appearances from Joe Jackson (on a cover of Pulp’s “Common People”), Folds and Aimee Mann (backup vocals on “That’s Me Trying”), Lemon Jelly (on “Together”), Henry Rollins and Adrian Belew (on “I Can’t Get Behind That”), and Brad Paisley (on “Real”, which he wrote specifically for Shatner).

Unlikely as it may seem, William Shatner might be the ultimate icon for Generation Irony. At a regal and self-deprecating 73 years old, the actor has had plenty of time to marinate in his own persona. Shatner established his ironclad, overblown style as the heroic interplanetary paramour Captain James T. Kirk on the short-lived 1960s TV series “Star Trek”. His placement in syndication purgatory and the pop culture zeitgeist of the latter half of the 20th century was reinforced by his turn beside the impossibly-hot-for-a-cop Heather Locklear in the equally short-lived “T.J. Hooker”.

Has Been, William Shatner’s first album in 36 years, successfully proves he’s anything but that. Co-written and produced by pianist/singer Ben Folds, the album takes the Star Trek legend’s singular spoken word approach and boldly goes into a variety of genres including pop, rock, trip-hop and spaghetti Western scores. Along for the ride is an all-star cast including vocalists Joe Jackson, Aimee Mann and Henry Rollins, guitarists Adrian Belew and Jon Auer, and bassist Sebastian Steinberg. It’s an engaging, infectious disc that’s light years ahead of The Transformed Man, Shatner’s unintentionally hilarious 1968 camp classic that merged pop tunes like “Mr. Tambourine Man” with classic literature such as “Theme from Cyrano.” In contrast, Has Been explores deeply personal topics, including Shatner’s views on love, family, death and creative rebirth. Plenty of humor also abounds, only this time he meant it to.

Has Been Lyrics

Has been, has been, has been
You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?
You callin’ me, has been?
What’d you say your name is?

Jack, never done Jack
Glad to meet you
Who’s your friend?
Dick, don’t say Dick
What do you know?
And you friend, what’s your handle?
Don Two Thumbs Don

Riding on their armchairs
They dream of wealth and fame
Fear is their companion
Nintendo is their game

Never done Jack and Two Thumbs Don
And sidekick don’t say Dick
We’ll laugh at others failures
Though they have not done shit

{I’ve heard of you the ready-made connecting with the ever ready, yeah
The never was talking about still trying I got it
Forever bitter gossiping about never say die
May I inquire what you’ve been doing mister?}

Jack, never done Jack
And you partner, what’s the news of the world, Dick?
I don’t say Dick
Don, of all the people you must be The Tattler
Two Thumbs up
What are you afraid of, failure? So am I

Has been implies failure not so
Has been is history
Has been was
Has been might again


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