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  • Has Been Musical album by William Shatner

    Posted on 22/02/2016 by | 0 comments

    Has Been (2004) is William Shatner’s second musical album after 1968’s The Transformed Man. The album was produced and arranged by Ben Folds and most of the songs are co-written by Folds and Shatner, with Folds creating arrangements for Shatner’s prose-poems, and features guest appearances from Joe Jackson (on a cover of Pulp’s “Common People”), […]

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  • List of Some Great Deals which You Can Get Online

    Posted on 18/07/2015 by | 0 comments

    Here is a list of great deals that we found on the internet. Please have a look at them and give your feedback so that we can improve on the list. Find more deals You can also check our website for latest Flipkart coupons, Snapdeal coupons, Paytm coupons, eBay coupons & Amazon coupons. If you […]

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  • List of Various Items with their Rock Bottom Prices

    Posted on 18/07/2015 by | 0 comments

    Here is my list of rock-bottom prices in our area (North Georgia). This list represents the MOST I would pay for a particular item. This is a great guide to help you as you get started couponing and to know when to stock up on items. These prices are AFTER coupons. GROCERIES Produce Bananas .33-.38/lb […]

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  • E-comCap – What happened this week in E-commerce (05/04/2015)

    Posted on 04/04/2015 by | Comments Off on E-comCap – What happened this week in E-commerce (05/04/2015)

    E-comCap are recap articles which we’re starting from this week. This will let you know about all that happened in the E-commerce Industry in India, last week. E-commerce Articles from News Websites: Snapdeal pushes sellers on to fulfillment centres as it targets 4-hour deliveries – Snapdeal became the first e-commerce giant in India to pick […]

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  • Top Googled Games in Each State of India for 2014

    Posted on 31/12/2014 by | 0 comments

    From Barbie, to Battleship, to basic card games, Indians were busy searching for new games throughout 2014. Whether you were splurging on some fun for yourself or you were searching for the perfect gift, odds are you did some game Googling of your own. So, how do your interests stack up against Indians near and […]

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  • 8 Ways India Can Become an Economic Superpower

    Posted on 20/11/2014 by | 0 comments

    It’s home to the world’s largest democracy, proud citizens, and a reputation as a high-tech powerhouse, but from an economic perspective, India is still trying to climb the ladder. In recent years, experts have debated India’s role as an economic superpower, but they agree that the country is not quite there yet. Before we start […]

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  • What CEOs Have to Say About Saving Money

    Posted on 16/10/2014 by | 0 comments

    Saving money — or better yet, getting a good deal—is something we all strive for. I don’t care if you have all the money in the world, you will certainly find yourself in a position of wanting to spend a little bit less on your purchases. Hell, even top CEO’s and financial experts want to […]

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  • Online Shopping in India: A Brief Analysis [Infographic]

    Posted on 06/08/2014 by | 0 comments

    Online Shopping essentially comprises of all the fundamental components of a typical shopping process, i.e. browsing/selecting, ordering, payment and delivery. The elementary sequence may differ based on the nature of transaction devised by the merchant or vendor. Nonetheless, internet has become a major and phenomenal marketplace that facilitates numerous types of transaction between parties such […]

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  • How Technology has Served Online Shopping in India

    Posted on 21/07/2014 by | 0 comments

    Meenakshi Saxena finds time to do all she wants these days. Till recently, the 35-year-old IT professional who used to work odd hours has managed to secure a day job and lots of time in the evenings. The unearthly hours of work had deprived her of much sleep and quality time as she had spent […]

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  • How to Make Profits by Giving Customers Discounts

    Posted on 27/06/2014 by | 0 comments

    As competition grows the only effective way to attract customers to your e-commerce website it seems, is by playing the price war. However, the leading question in all our minds is, “Can I really make profits by cutting down my prices?” If you go about your discount, coupon or promo code strategy in the right […]

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