17 Christmas Gift Ideas from Store Owners for the New Generation

17 Christmas Gift Ideas from Store Owners for the New Generation

This is the holiday season and a gifting season. So, we asked 17 different store owners to know what would be a perfect Christmas gift idea for the new generation. The inputs varied from getting a love song done for your loved ones, to gifting a wearable cap having a Bluetooth device!

You can find their full responses below. It’s a long article, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the article.



Founded by a media executive and father after his own young son unintentionally started watching an adult film even AFTER he had removed all of the adult channels from the cable box, Kidoodle.TV is an on demand video service for kids 12 and under. Packed with entertaining and educational fare for kids from the likes of Hasbro, DHX, National Geographic and more, Kidoodle.TV also contains a robust suite of parental tools, curfews and viewing time limits that let parents set the parameters then turn the device back over to kids to navigate and enjoy. And Kidoodle.TV is the fist kids SVOD of its size to be awarded both the PTPA and kidSAFE Seals of approval.

Kidoodle.TV is a fantastic gift for kids and has gift subscriptions available. And now through the year’s end for every new subscription Kidoodle.TV’s parent company A Parent Media Co. Inc. is donating an additional subscription to Ronald McDonald House Charities. Families can view Kidoodle.TV on PC and Mac computers, and Apple and Android devices, so it is great on the go as well.



Deco-plate is the world’s first company to launch a line of decorative plates/platters with custom images, which are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe and free of formaldehyde, which is present in melamine. Deco-Plate combines state-of-the-art digital imaging with a revolutionary new plastic resin technology called ThermoSAF, to create the world’s first on-demand customized dinnerware. The material used to mold the products is approved for food contact by the U.S. FDA and by the European Union. All of the dyes used to decorate the products are the highest quality available, and all of the components used in the manufacturing process are 100% manufactured in the U.S.A. The final product decoration is also performed in the U.S.A. These plates can be custom-made with a cool monogram, family portraits, different fun sayings, or fun holiday designs.


What’s Good

Launched in June 2014, eBeanie is one of What’s Good LLC’s first of many products within the growing wearable-technology market. What’s an eBeanie? It’s an acrylic cap, with top-shelf Bluetooth-enabled technology, speakers and, unlike the competition, a revolutionary embedded microphone that allows people to make and take hands-free phone calls and listen to music all without fussing with meddlesome wires. Power it up, synch it and enjoy the simplicity of a true wireless device. To us, it’s the hat that speaks for itself.


Sock Panda

A really fun gift for a new generation is either a Sock Panda Gift Box or a Subscription of Sock Panda Socks. The Gift Box comes with 6 pairs of incredibly cool socks, every pair colorful and fun. The Sock Panda Subscription delivers one (or two pairs, your choice) per month of awesome socks selected for you personally by the Sock Panda. Choose Men’s (Cool or Bold), Women’s (Cool or Bold) or Kids (Our famous Sock Panda Creature Socks). You can print out a gift certificate if this is really last minute for a subscription or the Gift Box!

And like you, the Sock Panda believes in Giving Back! The company donates a pair of socks to those in need for every subscription purchased. As of October 2014, the Sock Panda has donated nearly 10,000 pairs of socks to Homeless Shelters, Low-income Senior Centers, and Under-privileged classrooms in Northern California. During our 2nd Annual Cross Country Sock Drive (just completed), the Sock Panda gave away another 5,000 pairs of socks to those who need them the most! His goal for the coming year is to give away 100,000 pairs of socks to those in need!



Sage has decided to recognize its many customers that sell unique products and services by featuring a new gift suggestion on its home page each day.

After going on a search for customers that offer something unique in the way of gifts, they’ve compiled the Sage 2015 Holiday Gift Guide, which features a gift suggestion per day during the holiday season.

So far, gift suggestions have included:

  1. Luxury bedding from Peacock alley
  2. Peach brandy from Catoctin Creek Distillery
  3. Pastries from Duane Park Patisserie
  4. Ales, beer and ciders from Harpoon Brewery
  5. Kringle scented candles

Sage works with small businesses to help them manage finances, payroll, and payments, among other things. The company believes in the many wonderful products by these small businesses.



Brolly Umbrellas are the most innovative rain umbrellas out there! They feature a unique four finger hole grip that leaves your thumbs free to text in the rain (something no other umbrella can claim) and the ergonomic rain umbrella grip is great for anyone that suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.



Casetify is a social design service based in Los Angeles & Hong Kong and is loved by celebrities like Lionel Messi, Jamie Oliver and Hilary Duff. Casetify turns your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos into custom cases for mobile phones and tablets. Casetify app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.


Ladybug Fortune

Marrying gourmet toppings with whimsical designs, Ladybug Fortune Cookie Company transforms the traditional fortune cookie into a personalized, fun and delicious treat. We believe our products would be a great fit for Christmas gifting, as they can be personalized with custom messages and toppings. Our cookies are hand dipped in one of the finest Belgian chocolates and sprinkled with our clients’ choice of any gourmet topping. Our unique approach allows us to create the ultimate bespoke cookie to match our clients’ style, personality and special occasion.



iMagnet Mount is the first magnetic phone mount that allows you to effortlessly pop your phone onto a mount. Small enough to carry in your bag and slick enough to place it in any car, so you can read your GPS safely without driving with one less hand. It is the first magnetic car phone mount that fits any phone, from a small Nokia to a large Galaxy Note 3. No more fiddling complex plastic machinery, just effortlessly pop your phone onto iMagnet.


Canvas Eye Wear

Canvas Eyewear’s custom sunglasses are a great fit for the new consumer! On our website, users can upload their own images/graphics/designs, and then we produce one individual pair of sunglasses with that design just for them. We are the only eyewear company in the world that can do this! Our custom sunglasses make a great gift — whether giving a specially designed pair of sunglasses themselves, or a gift card, so the recipient can design their own pair — all for just $89.00/pair.


Rocket Bear

Rocket Bear gives your kids the joys of traveling the world through weekly postcards send especially to them. Rocket Bear cards contains interesting facts and info about cool and exciting places around the world.


San Juan Capistrano

The Olive retail boutique is the perfect place to do your holiday shopping with gifts that include artisan extra virgin olive oils, hand-crafted tapenades, mustard, pesto, balsamic vinegars, body and skin care products, as well as custom gift collections. You can even custom design your own bottle labels. In addition, We Olive offers a variety of kitchen accessories, serving dishes, olive wood, ceramics and decorative items available for purchase. Gourmet gift baskets also serve as the perfect gift for any occasion.


Case Coolie

The Case Coolie is a great gift idea for anyone! It’s a sleeve that holds up to a 30 pack of cold drinks and keeps them cold for over 10 hours without ice! Weighing under 2 pounds (0.91 kg), all you have to do is grab your case of drinks from the frig and slide the Case Coolie over it, box and all! Once inside, the double layer of insulation keeps your drinks or food from warming up. It’;s a perfect gift because of how many uses it has. We’ve seen it used as a cooler, lunch box, grocery bag, and many other things. Since it folds down when not in use, it’s very easy to store in the car or grab and go without lugging around a hard sided cooler or dealing with the mess and weight of ice!



Pley allows members to rent a different LEGO set each month based on their customer’s preferences. Each set is sanitized before being sent out, and there is no fee for missing a few pieces. Subscriptions range from a very affordable $15 to $39 per month.


Slyde Handboards

Slyde Handboards are a bodysurfing for a new generation. An exhilarating new way to surf, all in the palm of your hand. A hardboard or handplant, provides extra buoyancy, lift, and acceleration in the water, while keeping you looking stylish on land.



KonectIDY.com is a cause-related company started by two friends looking to make a difference by helping to spread positive messages and ideals that are often drowned out by all the negativity in the world. We developed a platform for individuals to create or purchase their own unique, trendy, wearable color-coded message that takes the form of a bracelet. This bracelet/message expresses a personalized statement in support of their favorite cause – a message as unique as a fingerprint.

Our customers pick a charity, select or create a bracelet, and then share the message with as many people as they can — many use them as gifts and stocking stuffers. KonectIDY donates $2 of every sale to the charity connected to the bracelet design.


Love Songs

As the founder of LoveSongs.com, Vincent creates custom love songs for couples and families world wide. Over the last 10 years he has had the opportunity to write and record dozens of songs for clients in countries ranging from the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Germany, the Philippines and of course the USA. A custom song can be a great gift to give for your significant other to express how much they mean or for siblings to give to parents & grandparents. We like to think of what we do as a custom Hallmark Card with a musical soundtrack.

Think your Christmas gift idea is cooler? Respond in the comment section, and we’ll include it, if we like it.